One of my simple joys of life 

I'm thrilled and grateful today... for having taken the time to stop by my garden, and smelt the scent of some fresh flowers!  When was the last time you did such a thing?  In today's short post, I'll tell you why I feel that we should look around from time to time, and notice the … Continue reading One of my simple joys of life 


Some aspects of being independent

Photo by Pexels. Aspects of being independent, Tips from Sharvina.

Have you ever asked yourself how independent you are?  As a child, we are fully dependent on our parents, yearning for admiration and reassurance on everything.  Over the years, we form our peer groups and want their approval, often abiding to peer-pressure at an early age, and even start drinking alcohol and smoking.  Then at … Continue reading Some aspects of being independent

Achieving sheer happiness!


What does 'happiness' mean to you?  Often people relate happiness to finding their true soul mate, others, to buying a huge house, a prestigious car, earning a six or eight figure income, and so on...  Happiness means different things to different people. Through this blog post, I wish to explore in a nutshell, the 5 … Continue reading Achieving sheer happiness!

Strolls for inspiration

Cotton clouds seen, from my garden, Mauritius. Photo by sharvina.y (my own) on Instagram.

There are days when ideas don't come naturally, and I make efforts to find inspiration, such as finding a topic for my new blog post.  While using the 'daily prompt' is very useful (a life saver for regular blogging), my special exercise for inspiration and idea-generation is often to stroll down my garden.  Observing nature … Continue reading Strolls for inspiration